Searching the Content Library

The content library is a good place to store all of your content assets. By storing them here, everyone with access to your PathFactory instance can use these resources for their own tracks, without duplicating the effort on a shared drive.

Search for Assets

  1. Search the content library by clicking the search bar in the top right corner.

    Content Library menu
  2. Type in the term you want to search. The content library will display content assets with that search term in its title or in its External ID.

  3. Clear a search by deleting the text or by clicking the X at the end of search bar.

    Search field


Search for Tracks

  1. You are able to search for a particular Content Track while in the Content Library by using the Tracks search bar.

    Track search field
  2. The search results will be displayed under Target and Recommend categories.

    Track search results


  3. To go directly to a Content Track from the Content Library, hover over the track and click the blue arrow icon that appears.

    Go to Track arrow


Updated on April 13, 2023

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