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Product Release Notes Version 35 – July 4, 2018


Our latest product release successfully went live on July 4, 2018.
We have made updates to the Content Library to provide greater flexibility and added a “Content Type” field to the Form Capture Webhook. 

Updates to Content Library

  • Users now have the option to select $0 as an estimated cost for content when uploading and configuring content.

  • During the content upload process there will no longer be any pre-selected topics.  Users will have to manually select the most relevant topics from the Smart topic list.

Updates to Form Capture Webhook

  • The “Content Type” field has been added to the Form Capture Webhook. Users can now map the content type value from a content track to a Form Capture Webhook and send that data to an integrated Marketing Automation Platform when a standard form submission occurs.

That’s it for this week – remember, you can review all of our product release notes in The Nook. As always, please email support@pathfactory.com for assistance and send any product feedback to feedback@pathfactory.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Updated on April 13, 2023

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