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Product Release Notes Version 32 – May 23rd, 2018


This update includes usability improvements to the new Content Library, expanded cookie consent functionality to better support GDPR compliance, and additions to our API. We’ve also turned on the new cookie consent functionality by default for all customers.

As always, please email support@pathfactory.com for assistance, and send any product feedback to feedback@pathfactory.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Usability improvements to our new Content Library

  • When adding web content to the Content Library, users no longer have to enter web protocols (http, https). It will automatically be added to the beginning of the URL.
  • The new Reset Changes button has been added beside the Delete button in the Content upload modal so users can easily undo all changes.

  • The upload content upload error explanation has changed from red to yellow and includes a descriptive message to help users better understand the issue.

Cookie Consent Improvements

  • Cookie Consent is now available to all customers by default within the Organization setting menu.
  • Cookie consent filtering through Country by IP is now supported. If enabled, visitors with a country value IP that matches the selected countries in the organization setting will receive the cookie consent dialog.
    Note: Cookie consent must also enabled at the the content track level.
  • The Cookie Settings Dialog now includes a Google Analytics description if Google Analytics integration is enabled.
    Note: This description will automatically show in the cookie settings dialog if enabled.
  • The cookies used by the PathFactory application has changed. See the Cookie Consent FAQ for details.
  • The Cookie Settings Link is now be available in Explore Headers (if cookie consent is turned on.)

Public API Improvements

We’ve made the following changes to our Public API:

  • New attributed have been added to the page view endpoint (/public/v1/page_views) for Language, Funnel Stage, Business Units, and Content Topics
  • The “is_cookie_consent_enabled” has been renamed to “is_cookie_message_enabled” in the experience endpoint (/public/v1/experiences)
  • A new “is_cookie_consent_enabled” has been added to the experience endpoint (/public/v1/experiences), so that it reflects the new cookie consent functionality
Updated on April 14, 2023

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