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Product Release Notes Version 23 – January 9, 2018


The following are included in the 23 release on January 9th 2018. 

In this release, we address some bug fixes and improvements to Explore, our new Form Strategy Features and Webhooks.

New Features

New Form Strategy Features

  • Added new capabilities to the newly released Form Strategy forms to allow forms to be served to known visitors only.  With this update you will now be able to set up a form rule to show a form to all visitors, unknown visitors or known visitors. 
  • Created a new feature for Experience Forms to trigger the form to show to visitors after they have spent some desired amount of time inside the Content Experience.  With this new feature you will now be able to trigger an Experience form to show to visitors based on the number of assets they have engaged with or number of seconds they spend inside the Content Experience. 


  • Based on client feedback on the use of our webhook feature we have made an improvement so that by default a newly created webhook will have “only show for known visitors” option checked by default. 
  • Made the following improvements to the Explore for Recommend UI:
    • Moved Featured Content inside the Layout section of the left hand side configurations
    • Reduced the size of the Feature Content empty state in the authoring environment
    • Created a short cut at the bottom of the Explore for Recommend Page to add, edit and remove Topic Carousel rows
Updated on April 14, 2023

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