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Product Release Notes Version 22.0 – December 18th, 2017


The following are included in the 22.0 release on December 19th, 2017.

In this release, we address some bug fixes and improvements to Explore, Promoters and Video Playback.

Bug Fixes

  • Explore Page fixes for Topic and Asset Tags styling to ensure preview is consistent with consumption
  • Bottom Bar promoter fixes for Website Experiences to prevent promoter from going offscreen when minimized on some Website Experiences.
  • Vimeo Video start time fixes when using Marketo RTP tag
  • Mobile fixes
    • To ensure long content titles are not pushing content images out of view in promoters
    • Prevent Bottom Bar promoter from hiding after minimized in Landscape mode on iphone7
    • To prevent other Bottom Bar display issues
Updated on April 14, 2023

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