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Introduction to Virtual Event Experience (VEX)

What is Virtual Event Experience (VEX)?

PathFactory’s Virtual Event Experience (VEX) leverages all of PathFactory’s existing content activation features, and sits as a new immersive online events module within PathFactory.

VEX menu location


PathFactory VEX features the same benefits as PathFactory Campaign Tools (Content Tracks & Explore Pages) including: ease of use, speed to build, binge consumption of content, engagement data collection and analytics, and robust integrations.

Example of a VEX event


Compared to other Virtual Events Tools, PathFactory VEX delivers a modern interface providing attendees seamless access to everything from small virtual events or talks, to keynotes, through multi-day events. Uniquely, VEX captures the detailed, down-to-the-second, engagement of every virtual attendee – a key indicator of interest and intent to purchase. A key feature of VEX is the ability to pair other content such as PDF’s, webpages, and other engaging assets along with the video (see image below). This keeps the attendee deeply engaged while you collect engagement data about every asset viewed. With VEX’s distinctive user experience and deep insights, event marketers can drive outcomes like accelerating demand generation, increasing deal velocity, and improving win rates.

Example of a VEX event


PathFactory surrounds video streams and video-conferences with rich content (PDF, webpage, interactive, 3rd party) and other ways of engaging (chat, Q&A, polling).

Example of a VEX event


When supplementary content is viewed, PathFactory enables a picture-in-picture mode, to keep session video playing.

PathFactory’s Virtual Event Experience (VEX) is built to accommodate events with live and/or on-demand session content, for events large and small. VEX allows visitors to seamlessly move between sessions, binge consume related content, and engage through chat or other 3rd party widgets which can be iframed or embedded. PathFactory tracks–down to the second–the keynotes, sessions, and supplemental content consumed by each individual visitor and account, giving you buying signals that you can act on immediately. And just like our existing Campaign Tools, all the attendee engagement data flows into your Marketing Automation Platform for use in nurturing, segmentation, lead scoring, and routing.

For details on VEX configuration see Create a VEX event.

Updated on April 13, 2023

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