Integrate VEX with WebEx

The PathFactory VEX – WebEx Integration allows you to embed WebEx meetings or webinars inside your VEX sessions. We leverage WebEx’s Web SDK to place the WebEx meeting or webinar into your browser. No authentication to your WebEx account is required, all you need is the meeting/webinar URL.


When configuring your session set the Live Content Type to WebEx. By doing so the Webex Meeting Link field will appear.

After successfully entering your WebEX Meeting Link, save your session. Visiting your live session produces a WebEx meeting inside the VEX session which looks like this:


Those hosting, facilitating, or administering the meeting, should join the WebEx via their desktop client, whereas attendees will join from within VEX. Because of this you will not use the WebEx integration into your marketing platform. You simply send attendees to VEX, and then look for their engagement viaPathFactory to determine attendance. For more information on integrations see VEX Data Integrations.

A few important things we’ve noted with the WebEx Web SDK:

  • Attendees can turn on their mic and camera as long as the meeting host allows it, but attendees cannot share their screen. Only the meeting host can share their screen.
  • The meeting host must start the meeting on their WebEx desktop client before attendees can access the session in VEX. If an attendees tries to join before the host has started the meeting they will be stuck in the waiting room, they will see the join button however it will not allow them to join the meeting.

More information on the benefits of VEX, read here.

Updated on April 3, 2023

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