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Integrate PathFactory and Power BI


This article covers how to integrate your PathFactory instance with your Power BI Desktop account (to automatically send your PathFactory data into Power BI). Power BI is a data visualization tool. By using an API, you can send analytics data for Campaign Tools and VEX into Power BI.


  • Have Power BI Desktop
  • Have PathFactory Public API enabled
  • Have a valid PathFactory API key. For information on generating an API key, read How to make a public API key.

How to integrate PathFactory and Power BI Desktop

  1. On the Power BI Home screen, under Data, select Get Data > Web.
Power BI home screen
Power BI home screen
  1. Select Advanced.
  2. In the URL parts field, enter the endpoint URL. First enter the base URL of https://api.lookbookhq.com/, then add the endpoint. For a list of all the endpoints you can import, read API Endpoint Field Definitions. For this example, we are using Visitor Sessions Endpoint, so we added /public/v1/sessions to the end of the base URL.
  3. In the HTTP request header field, enter x-authorization-token. In the field beside it, enter the PathFactory API key you created.
Example of API Code
Example of API Code
  1. Select OK. All the data points under the specified endpoint will be imported to Power BI.
  2. Repeat this procedure for additional endpoints.
Updated on April 3, 2023

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