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How do I make sure my Content Tracks are ready for GDPR?

PathFactory has created a new Cookie Consent feature to help our clients prepare for GDPR.

What does Cookie Consent do?

  • Allow visitors to provide explicit consent on what PathFactory collects on them

  • Show visitors what PathFactory is tracking

  • Allow visitors to tell PathFactory to forget what it is tracking

These are all requirements mandated in the GDPR. Read more about in this FAQ.

Persistent Cookies will only be dropped if the web visitor accepts Cookie Consent; otherwise session cookies will be used.
If cookie consent is accepted, then the date and time of the consent is logged for that visitor in the application.

Read more about Cookie Consent in this FAQ.

If your organization requires GDPR compliance then the previous cookie consent functionality (now called Cookie Message) may not be sufficient. If this is the case, and your organization requires explicit consent for tracking purposes, then you will need to enable the new cookie consent feature.

Updated on July 10, 2022

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