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Enabling BDR/AEs To Collect PathFactory Engagement Data On Sales Outreach

It would not surprise me if a lot of you are already doing this, but since it took a lightbulb moment on our end to figure it out, I thought we should share! It was one of those things were we thought “how had we not thought of this before?”

Are your BDR/SDR/AEs sharing content tracks in their outreach? Are they using a sales outreach tool like Salesloft or Outreach.io that features dynamic fields or tokens in their email builder? Then you have everything you need to arm your sales team to collect contact level PathFactory engagement data.

Based on the MAP you’ve integrated with, PathFactory outputs an email tracking link with the MAP specific email token appended to finish off the query string. Your MAP autofills the email address when the actual link is delivered, so the MAP knows who clicks the link and in-turn PathFactory knows who clicks the link and thus who to attribute the engagement time to.

As long as the recipients are known to your MAP, replacing the MAP email token in the email tracking URL PathFactory outputs with the email token the sales outreach tool uses is enough to make the email tracking link ready for sales to collect data.

Now any email they send in the outreach tool will go out with a URL armed to collect and attribute engagement data to the recipient.

Our team uses Salesloft and we’ve already confirmed this process works. We have Marketo alert emails setup to notify the team when someone in their patch exhibits FMB behavior, in addition to various other alerts for prospect hand-raises. From the feedback we’ve received so far, it is super exciting and validating for the reps to receive an engagement alert for a content track they’ve sent.

1) Determine email address dynamic field token used by sales’ outreach platform

To do this we created a draft email template. We inserted the token for email address into the draft email and took note of the output in the draft pane.

For Salesloft Cadence the unique email token is:


For Outreach.io, the unique token is:


2) Determine Email Tracking Link Output From PathFactory

As our instance is integrated with Marketo, the email address token {{lead.Email Address}} will append to the email tracking link. In the example of this eBook content track we wanted to promote the output was:

http://nurturenow.pathfactory.com/c/whyyoucantafford?x=qmTffU&lb_email={{lead.Email Address}}

3) Replace MAP token in PathFactory-created email tracking link with outreach platform specific token

In our case Marketo uses: {{lead.Email Address}}

Salesloft uses: {{email_address}}

Outreach.io uses: {{email}}


http://nurturenow.pathfactory.com/c/whyyoucantafford?x=qmTffU&lb_email={{lead.Email Address}}

Becomes this for Salesloft:


And this for Outreach.io:


4) Handover the completed URL to Sales and watch the engagement roll in

Whenever we have a new piece of content to promote, or a list of qualified leads (webinar leads, trade show etc.) to deliver to sales, we will supply them with the content track we’d like them to use in their follow up/promotion. We now give them the link ready for their outreach platform instead. Easy!

Updated on March 17, 2023

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