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This article covers how to create and configure tags. Once you have created tags, you will be able to tag your content assets.

If you’re not sure where to create and configure content tags, read this article first.
Only administrators are able to create and edit tags. Read more about Administrator User abilities here.

Create New Tags

  1. Select a tag category, then click Add to create a new tag within that category.
    imageAdd Topic button

  2. Type the tag name in the box, then either press your Enter key or click Add.
    imageName field

Recommendations for Creating Content Tags:

  • Certain types of tags—Topic and Content Type—can be made public-facing, so keep that in mind when you develop your tagging system.
  • Content assets can be tagged with multiple Topic tags, multiple Business Unit tags, but only one Content Type tag.
  • Keep your tagging system simple for internal users, and limit the ability to add new tags in order to maintain a standardized system of tagging.

Read more about tagging best practices here.

Configure Content Type Tags

Content Type tags are tied to funnel stage and estimated cost (used to calculate estimated cost in Content Library Insights).
When you create new Content Type tags you also have to set default values for both funnel stage and estimated cost, but you can override these default values for individual content assets.

With the updates made to the Content Library in Sprint 30, the attribute “Asset Type” was changed to “Content Type”.

Check out this article for more information on this change.

  1. Type the tag name, select a funnel stage, and type an estimated cost. Click Update to save.
    Do not use commas or periods when entering estimated cost.

    imageContent Tag fields

Updated on April 14, 2023

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