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Adding the PFRI Package into Salesforce

These instructions are for administrators to install the Pathfactory for Revenue Intelligence package within Salesforce. You will be enabling a tab for PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence (PFRI) within your Salesforce app navigation, and then connecting PFRI dashboards to Account, Opportunity and Contact pages for Salesforce users to access. 

The PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence package allows your sales team to see first-party buying signals directly in Salesforce. They can see true engagement with content to prioritize outreach and send experiences to their buyers to drive the velocity of their deal and ultimately close more revenue.  

Note: Only Salesforce users that are also Revenue Team users in the PathFactory application will have access to the PFRI dashboards in the above mentioned Salesforce pages. For more information on user roles within PathFactory, read What are the different user roles?

The high level process of adding a PFRI tab to the Salesforce dashboard consists of the following steps. These steps should be completed by a Salesforce administrator. 

  1. Install the PFRI package on your computer.
  2. Add the PFRI tab to Salesforce App Navigation.
  3. Embed PFRI in the Salesforce Account, Contact, and Opportunity objects. 

Step 1: Install the PFRI Package

Contact your Customer Success Manager or Solutions Engineer to receive the PFRI package link. Once you have received the link and opened it, follow the steps below.

  1. Choose the group you would like to install for:
    • Install for Admins Only (profile system = administrator) 
    • Install for All Users 
    • Install for Specific Profiles… (based on user permissions)
Installation Wizard
  1. Click Install or Upgrade if you have previously installed the PFRI package and are upgrading to the latest version.
  2. When the install or upgrade from the previous version is complete, you will receive a confirmation email.
Example of Successful Installation Email
  1. To ensure the installation was successful, on the Salesforce homepage, navigate to Setup from the gear icon on the top right. Once you’re directed to the setup view, go to the quick find search box on the top left and type in Installed packages.
  2. Search for PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence to validate that it’s there.
Verify PFRI tab

Step 2: Add the PFRI Tab to Salesforce App Navigation

Use either method 1 or method 2 to add the PFRI tab to the Salesforce navigation.

Method 1: Individual user applies the PFRI tab to their own view

  1. Click the pencil icon on the top right of the screen.
  2. In the pop up that appears, click Add More Items.
Add More Items button
  1. In the search bar that appears, type the name of your tab, for example PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence.
  2. Click the plus sign (+) beside the resulting item.
  3. The list of App Navigation Items updates to reflect the new addition of PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence.
  4. Click Save. Now you see your new tab in the application menu bar.

Method 2: Salesforce admin applies the PFRI tab through identified apps

  1. On the top right of the screen, click the gear icon and then select Setup in the gear icon on the top right.
  2. Click App Manager.
Lightning Experience App Manager main view
  1. Find the relevant app in your list by right clicking the dropdown menu on this application and then selecting Edit.
Searching for an App
  1. On the page that opens, go to Navigation Items in the left menu and then search for PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence as shown in the screen capture below.
Navigation Items menu
  1. Add PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence to the list of Selected Items by clicking and dragging it there, and then click Save. You’ll now see in your main Salesforce navigation, a tab labeled PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence as shown below. 
Selected Items list

Step 3: Embed PFRI in the Account, Contact & Opportunity Objects in Salesforce

Use method 1 or method 2 to embed the PFRI tab in Salesforce.

Method 1: Add PFRI to the page

  1. Open a record under your desired object.
  2. Click on the gear icon on top right and then select Edit page from the dropdown menu.
Edit Salesforce Page
Gear icon highlighted
  1. Click on one of the tabs in the panel where you would like to add PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence in your page layout. Select Add tab.
Add Tab button
  1. Click on the new tab you generated that displays at the bottom of the list. A popup will open and you can select “Custom” for the Tab Label field.
Custom Tab Label
  1. You can then define the Custom Label, which is your name for PFRI. 
Custom Label menu

  1. Click Done. The new tab now appears in the panel.
  2. Click on the newly created tab, and then search for Visualforce in the list of components on the left side.
Search field
  1. Select Visualforce from the list and drag it into the tab section.
  2. On the right panel, select the applicable Visualforce page name. Depending on the object you are applying the tab to, this could be either:
    • PathFactory Account Page
    • PathFactory Opportunity Page
    • PathFactory Contact Page
  3. Adjust height to what you want to display, up to 1050 pixels.
  4. Click Save (top right) and you should see the “Changes saved” message to the left of the Save button. You can then hit the back button at the top left of the Salesforce window to go to the object page where your changes should appear.

Method 2: Add PFRI to the page layout

  1. Click Setup in the gear icon on the top right.
  2. Then select Object Manager in the top left.
  3. Search for and select your desired object from the list that appears, ex. Account, Opportunity or Contact 
Salesforce Object Manager
  1. Next, select Page Layouts from the left menu and then open the relevant page layout you’d like to update.
Page Layouts
  1. In the top menu that appears, use the left panel scroll bar to select VisualforcePages and then use the Quick Find search to look for any of these pages:
    • PathFactory Account Page
    • PathFactory Opportunity Page
    • PathFactory Contact Page
  2. Click and drag the Visualforce Page to the desired section of the page.
Set Location of VisualForce Page
  1. Adjust height and width by double clicking on the Visualforce page to what you want to display, up to 1050 pixels.

Click Save or Quick Save. Quick Save will keep you on the page, but Save will then take you back to the Page Layouts list. You can then navigate to an object page and confirm your changes have been applied.

Updated on November 29, 2023

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