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Confirmation Page Capture Tag


This article provides the code for Confirmation Page Capture Tags.

Not sure what a “Confirmation Page” Capture Tag is, or unsure if you should be using it? Read the Intro to Capture Tags article!

Where do I put the Capture Tag Code?

To identify visitors that fill out an external form, the PathFactory capture tag code snippet must be placed within the  element of a Thank You page that the form redirects to. Similar to the email tracking links, the automation platform’s personalization functionality is used to pass the email address of the visitor to the PathFactory platform.

Capture Tag Code Snippet

The code for the capture tag is the following:

<script id="lookbook-capture-tag" src="https://app.cdn.lookbookhq.com/libraries/capture/capture.js" data-email="{{email}}">script>

{{email}} is replaced with the automation platform’s syntax to merge the recipient’s email address.

Platform Email Field Merge Capture Tag


<span class="eloquaemail">EmailAddressspan>
<script id="lookbook-capture-tag" src="https://app.cdn.lookbookhq.com/libraries/capture/capture.js" data-email="EmailAddress">script>


{{lead.Email Address}}
<script id="lookbook-capture-tag" src="https://app.cdn.lookbookhq.com/libraries/capture/capture.js" data-email="{{lead.Email Address}}">script>


<script id="lookbook-capture-tag" src="https://app.cdn.lookbookhq.com/libraries/capture/capture.js" data-email="%%email%%">script>


<script id="lookbook-capture-tag" src="https://app.cdn.lookbookhq.com/libraries/capture/capture.js" data-email="{{contact.email}}">script>
Updated on April 14, 2023

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