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Build a Content Track for your Event Promotions (In-Person or Webinar)

Get people excited about your event using a Content Track to host all of your pre- and post- event content. Are you participating in a conference or trade show, hosting a customer or prospect event, or gathering speakers?

Put your Registration page in a Content Track along with 2-3 other prep assets. One could be a page about the speaker(s) if it’s a webinar or live event. If you’re promoting a trade show, add in a map of how to find your booth or party. Add in a third-party article to support your message as well.

Who is the Target Audience?

  • Various audiences based on the event.

What Channels Will You Use to Promote?

  • Email, social, sales team, website, conference promotions.

Content Required

  • Any content (yours or the event organizer’s) about the event:
  • Who is presenting?
  • Location
  • Agenda
  • Presentations
  • Why you should attend
  • How to register
  • Venue details, map
  • Videos and photos
  • Supporting content relating to your message at the event
  • Lead capture form

Measurements of Success

  • Production time and effort
  • Number of registrations
  • Engagement time with content
Updated on November 17, 2022

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