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2022 Release Notes: Release C

Spring is here, along with tales of four leaf clovers and leprechauns. Although they seem to spread cheer and mischief all around, there’s only cheers here for this latest release. This release comes packed with features so load up on your corned beef and cabbage and have a look through all these great updates. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

Core Platform


Single sign-on (SSO) for Access Protection

Users now have the option to use SSO as a protection type for Access Protection (if enabled by their system administrator). SSO provides a simpler user experience and an extra layer of security.

Access Protection for SSO
Access Protection for SSO

Platform session timeout duration and page redirection

Users now have the flexibility to set their preferred session timeout duration allowing for a more seamless experience and increased security. Session timeout is the duration that users can be idle before their connection times out. The following options are now available to choose from:

  • 30 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours
  • 4 hours
  • 8 hours
Session Timeout dropdown list
Session Timeout dropdown list

We have also enhanced the page redirection upon authenticating back into the platform from a session timeout.


Campaign Tools and VEX main page experience

Users can now perform bulk updates and move actions across Explore, Target, Recommend, Microsite, and VEX which provides an enhanced user experience and increased time savings. Additionally, users will now be able to delete the multi-selected URLs for Website Campaigns.

Migration from radio buttons to drop-down lists

To prevent instances where inadvertent changes can potentially be made to the form type from custom HTML to standard, we have migrated existing radio buttons to drop-down lists.

Dropdown list
Dropdown list

Pass personas, industry and language met threshold lists via webhooks and Marketo form submission API

This improvement will assist sales representatives in the lead activity history to understand what has been consumed by the lead, pass language, personas, and industries assigned to contents that the visitor met the threshold of via webhooks.

Users can now not only use these attributes to tag the content and filters by them, but also pass them over as part of the threshold met information on the assets. This provides a fuller picture of the content consumed directly in other systems like Marketing authorization tools.

Campaign Tools


Mobile users can now open microsites in a new table with the latest enhancements to the PathFactory mobile experience.

Point your root domain to a PathFactory experience

Users will now be able to point their root domain (whether a custom subdomain or reverse proxy URL) to a Microsite, Explore page, or VEX experience without any redirect. By default, this will be set to “None” until a user chooses to update it.

Micro site configuration experience Improved flexibility

Flexibility in configuring the track and feature blocks.

  • Class field is now available in both feature and track block which will allow users with more options to create custom styling.
  • Unique identifier is now available in HTML markup for both the feature and track blocks which allows users more options to create custom styling.
  • Cell alignment field is now available for configuration in the feature block. Alignment will only apply when there are three (3) or fewer assets in the feature block.
Center and Class fields
Center and Class fields
Code example
Code example



Event Traffic Summary Dashboard

The new Event Traffic Summary Dashboard provides a high-level traffic analysis of visitors and helps to answer:

  • What is your visitor distribution?
  • What does the session traffic look like (page views)?
  • Where are your visitors coming from?
  • What are the high-level engagement metrics?
  • Topics by Content Type (Supplemental)
  • Most Viewed Assets (Supplemental)

Event Sessions Dashboard

The new Event Sessions Dashboard provides a high-level analysis of the session engagement with the option to drill-down to a specific session which helps to answer:

  • How did the visitors split between live & on-demand sessions?
  • How did visitors engage during the session?
  • What content was engaged the most during the session?
  • Which attendees engaged the most during the sessions?

Prospects Dashboard

The new Prospects Dashboard provides insights on engaged visitors/accounts and helps to answer:

  • Which known visitors engaged the most during the sessions?
  • What kind of accounts attended the sessions?
  • To which industries do the attendees belong?

Registrations & Attendees Dashboard

The new Registrations & Attendance Dashboard highlights the conversion story of visitor traffic and provides insights on:

  • Session traffic (page views) + visitor registration
  • Attendees who registered and attended the session
  • Visitors who visited a Live and On Demand session
  • Attendees who filled a form during the session

Closed caption support for Vimeo and Brightcove videos

Closed caption support has now been extended to video assets originating from Vimeo and Brightcove. Closed caption increases the effectiveness and user experience of the video content. It improves viewers’ comprehension of and attention to the videos as well as allows them to enjoy the video content regardless of the environment they are in. Lastly, it allows users to reach a broader audience group making it possible for non-native speakers to comprehend the video.


Users can now navigate across VEX dashboards using the newly introduced tab structure and experience.

Session & event level fields in VEX language configuration

For customers who want to serve VEX events/sessions in a foreign language, additional fields listed in this ticket are now available in language configuration to ensure the customer is able to add proper translations that can be reflected in the consumption environment.

Content Library


Increased visibility into content usage

Users are now able to see where the specific content is being used across Target, Recommend, Explore, Microsite, and VEX (via the “Used In” header.)

Filtered content download (.csv)

When the user applies a filter in the content library and downloads the content, the CSV document will reflect the filtered down items

That’s it for now…

We can’t wait to show you what’s in store for next month!

Updated on April 6, 2023

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