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2022 Release Notes: Release B

Core Platform


Folder and subfolder name available as fields in webhooks

Both your experience folder and subfolder names are now available to pass as webhook fields to your marketing automation platform. This can be helpful if you are using folders as your main identifier for an experience’s region, campaign type, etc. 

Increased CTA character length

CTAs now have a limit of 40 characters versus the previous limit of 18! This change supports localization efforts to advertise the call to action in different languages as well as providing more flexibility in the types of actions you want to promote. 

Streamlined appearance creation

We’ve improved the user experience for creating new appearances. Now when adding a new experience, you’ll just name the appearance and have the option to clone an existing one. The option to choose a color and font has been removed as it didn’t logically carry through all settings. Now you have full visibility into (and control over) your choices. And don’t worry, none of  your existing appearances will be affected by this change.

Campaign Tools


Closed caption support added for Brightcove and Vimeo videos

Our support for videos continues to improve. Now you can turn on closed captions for Brightcove and Vimeo videos used within your Target and Recommend tracks. This increases accessibility for your viewers and provides localization options for your experiences.

  1. Once you add a video to a track, navigate to the track and select the video. 
  2. In the right sidebar, turn on captions. Once on, you can choose the language.

Drive visitors directly to an asset in an overlay on a microsite

Microsites are incredibly valuable resource centers, but when promoting specific content across channels, driving people directly to the asset is critical for a positive visitor experience. You can now have the best of both worlds by leveraging share links within PathFactory that direct visitors to content assets in an overlay on top of a microsite page. 

When generating a share link for a microsite landing page, use the Track Name field to choose a track and the Overlay Starting Asset field to choose a content asset. When someone follows the link, an overlay will open on the chosen asset. Only tracks that have been set to open as an overlay within the microsite landing page will be available within the Track Name field.

When a visitor follows the share link, the microsite will open directly to the chosen asset in an overlay. Check it out!

Generate sitemaps for your microsites

Are you a user of both PathFactory’s Campaign Tools and Website Tools? If so, this update is for you! Now you can generate a sitemap for your microsites to use as content sources for your web components. Simply navigate to the microsite and select Copy Sitemap URL to Clipboard.


Create multiple CTAs in track settings

Do you have multiple, high-value calls-to-action that you’d like to include as buttons on your content tracks? Now you don’t have to decide which one to include. We’ve added support to apply up to three CTAs within the track settings section of your Target tracks with a flow layout, and your Recommend tracks with either a sidebar or topic sidebar layout.

Here’s an example of two CTAs on a Target track.

Multi-select for Target, Explore, and Recommend

In your Target, Recommend, and Explore list views, you can now perform a multi-select action with the selection boxes on the left of each experience name. This allows you to easily bulk update these experiences such as moving them to a new folder or deleting them in batch. 

New viewing options for tracks within Explore pages

When creating Explore pages, you can set the associated content track to open in a new browser tab, the same window, or in an overlay. In the Page Settings sidebar, select Open Content Track and choose your desired option.



Chat moderators now have early access to chat

If you’re using chat with live events, your moderators can now access the chat widget anytime before the event starts. This new default behavior gives moderators plenty of time to troubleshoot, set usernames, and make any other modification before the live session starts and attendees arrive.

Sitemaps for VEX events

Are you a user of both PathFactory’s VEX and Website Tools? If so, this update is for you! Just as announced for Campaign Tools users above, now you can generate a sitemap for your VEX events to use as content sources for your web components. Simply navigate to the virtual event and select Copy Sitemap URL to Clipboard.

Website Tools


Insert www in website paths

If your website paths don’t start with www, you can now automatically add the www to all paths with one easy click! If your web URLs require www to function properly, but the URLs were added without www, we’ve provided a quick fix. 

  1. Navigate to Website Tools.
  2. Select Manage for the website property you wish to edit.
  3. In the top left, beside the website property name, select Edit. The Edit Property dialog appears.

  1. Select Add www to the URLs for recommendations.

  1. Select Save.


Smarter recommendations in Concierge 

Concierge just got even smarter! Now, when visitors engage with content in the Recommended for You carousel, their activity improves the recommendations being served after the overlay is closed, without a page refresh required. Additionally, when a visitor consumes a recommendation, that recommendation will go to the end of the list instead of being removed. This ensures un-visited recommendations are always front and center, but that the desired number of recommendations in the carousel will consistently remain, regardless of content pool size.

That’s it for now…

Updated on April 6, 2023

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