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2021 Release Notes: Release J

We’re back with Release J. For those of you keeping track, we skipped Release I out of respect for those suffering from Hurricane Ida—please send prayers, donate, or do whatever you can to support those affected.

In this release, there are a few gems we want to bring your attention to. For mutual customers of Demandbase and PathFactory’s Website Journey Tracking, we’re excited to announce that you can now use Demandbase to power the firmographic data you collect on your website pages. As an industry leader in anonymous-to-account identification capabilities, Demandbase’s data marries perfectly with PathFactory’s rich content intelligence as a foundational layer in your ABM strategy. Want to activate this powerful combination for contextually relevant website recommendations? Learn more about our full Website Tools suite. For those without Demandbase, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with our OEM relationship with 6sense. We are laser-focused on ensuring your content experiences reveal massive content intelligence so you can plan your content and website experiences better than ever before.

Are you struggling with managing all your virtual events to create a seamless, cohesive event experience across all your virtual events, webinars, multi-track sessions… you get the idea. Are you thinking about or have you built an event resource center? Does it emulate an extension of your corporate website? Whatever your answer, Release J is for you. We’ve added improvements to VEX including landing page editing capabilities, mobile session and simulive experiences, and enhanced backend data capture.

Our team also rolled out enhanced PathFactory for Sales sharing and filtering options. So… dive in to learn more!

Website Tools


Use Demandbase to power your firmographic data

Strong firmographic data is critical for an effective ABM strategy. Getting a full picture of the visitors within an account or vertical is the mission so that you can activate both marketing and sales and prioritize accordingly. As you may know, ~80% of all visitors to any given B2B website remain anonymous and don’t provide contact information. But knowing which accounts they belong to can be illuminating as you consider your ABX strategy. This integration allows Demandbase customers to bring their API key to provide anonymous-to-account identification capabilities within your website tracking scripts and consistently see the true size and makeup of their buying committees. When marrying this data with PathFactory’s content intelligence insights, you can answer “Who are my interested accounts?” and “What content and topics are they interested in?” These answers drive effective personalization and nurture through the funnel to convert highly engaged leads to revenue. And, at the end of the day, who doesn’t want more sessions and more content engagement.

If you are a mutual customer of Demandbase and PathFactory’s Website Journey Tracking, and when this feature is enabled for your instance, the following fields will populate with Demandbase data:

  • company.annual_revenue
  • company.domain
  • company.employee_count
  • company.employee_range
  • company.industry
  • company.naics
  • company.name
  • company.revenue_range
  • company.sic

Contact your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in setting this up. All non-Demandbase users will continue to receive account identification capabilities powered by 6sense.

Note: Although this new option is available at no extra cost with your PathFactory contract, we recommend reviewing your Demandbase contract or contacting your Demandbase representative to discuss any potential impact.



Build an event resource center with bulk session blocks

PathFactory’s Virtual Event Experience is a great tool for building up a library of your live, simulive, and on-demand events. An event resource center is a powerful way to reuse your content for further marketing, education, and enablement efforts with no new production costs, extending your investments in events. However, building individual session groups when working with a large volume of sessions can be tedious. With this update, you’ll now see the options to add All On-Demand Sessions or All Upcoming Sessions in your event landing page block editor. Easily pull in all sessions of the same type rather than having to build them as specific groups first in the authoring environment. The All Upcoming Sessions option adds all live sessions statuses, including upcoming, live, and finished.

All Upcoming Settings example
All Upcoming Settings example

Improved user experience for event sessions on mobile

With mobile traffic ever increasing, it is critical that your experiences are optimized for mobile devices. With this update, attendees will enjoy a better user experience with easy access to all supplemental content and widgets, as well as a responsive design. Visitors on tablets or browsers with a width of more than 520px will still see our desktop experience. Deliver seamless session experiences across all device types to maximize the bingeing potential.

Form data can now surface the session status

We have added the field merge key {{virtual_event_session.status}} to incorporate into your blind form submit data if you choose. This field merge provides the session status as a value, which can be helpful if you’re using the same form for registration during both the live and on-demand stages of your session. Now you can determine if a visitor filled out your form during the upcoming, live, finished, or on-demand state of the session, while streamlining your forms library.

Improvements to simulive events

Now attendees to your simulive events will enjoy a better experience with improved control bar logic. Attendees can pause and resume simulive events, rather than automatically jumping back to the relative “live” time when resuming the video. We’ve also updated the progress bar to show color differentiation if attendees are behind the relative “live” time to make it a more obvious indicator.

PathFactory for Sales


Multi-select in filters

Sometimes little improvements can go a long way, and this is one of those times! If you’re a frequent user of the PathFactory for Sales filters, we’ve now added the ability to multi-select values within a filter rather than having to re-open the dropdown after each selection. Save time and clicks to get stuff done faster.

Display your VEX and Microsite folders

Your PathFactory for Sales settings now reflect the folder structures for your VEX events and Microsites. This allows you to open up access for your Sales team to start sharing this high-value content! Navigate to Organization Settings > Sales Tools Configuration to check out the folders.

That’s it for now…

It’s back to work for us as we continue to develop exciting new features and large-scale improvements. Thank you, as always, for providing your feedback to make our product the best it can be!

Updated on April 6, 2023

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