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2020 Release Notes: Release K

We are excited to announce that Release K is now live. In this release you will see some exciting new updates to our standard forms that can be used for both Campaign Tools and VEX registration, new tagging capabilities for your content that can be used for filters in Explore pages and updates to PathFactory for Sales.

Platform Updates

Added reCAPTCHA on the PathFactory Login Page

Looking for increased security every chance you can? So are we! We have added reCAPTCHA to our login process when you are logging in with a username and password. This will determine if there are any suspicious behaviour when logging into your account and protect against any automated malicious attacks to ensure your instance is safe.

Note: this is for username and password sign in only, SSO is not affected.


Search The Content Library by Source URL

We have added the ability to search the content library by the source URL of the asset. This was a specific request from our customers to make it easier to find assets that you have already added to the content library but may have forgotten are already in there. If you find yourself receiving a warning that the content you are adding is already in the library, this new search function will make it easy for you to find it!

Simply use the same search bar at the top today which you can already use for search in internal and external title. You can search by entering a complete or partial URL.


Updates to Standard Forms

To make PathFactory standard forms more flexible in how they can be used, we have added some new fields and styling capabilities. These new fields will also be reflected in the analytics collected on the form and sent back to other tools through the Webhook integration.

New Fields Available:

  • Employee count
  • Country
  • State/Province
  • Zip Code/Postal Code
  • An open field with a check box
  • An open text field with html styling capability, allowing you to add links to external pages


There are two new styling options for forms.  You can now update the colour of the submit button on the form with the new colour chooser when setting the label, and you can select the font and colour of the text for the header and the body of the form through the new General Appearances configuration.

To set your button color, simply navigate to Form Configuration and when editing the button use the new color picker (show below).


When you navigate to Appearances – General, you will see there is a font and colour selector for both the header text and body text. When that appearance is set on the track with the standard form, the appearance settings will apply to the form used.



Form Analytics and Form Capture Webhook

You will now see the form analytics in the platform reflect the new standard form fields as well as the corresponding webhook fields have been added to the Form Capture webhook.


Persona and Industry Tags Now Available in the Content Library

To further organize and filter your content, we have added two new configuration fields when adding content to PathFactory: persona and industry. Easily add the list of your typical personas and industries into the content tag configuration by navigating in the cog menu to content tags where you will see two new headings for industries and personas.


When you add a new piece of content to your library, simply pick from the drop down list of values you have added to the list or type in a new value that is applicable to that content. You can update these tags in bulk across your content library easily with the csv upload option and you can also add or update these tags by selecting a specific piece of content and tagging it.


Spoiler Alert! You can see later in these notes how the tags can be used in your Explore Pages as filters.

Search Bar Added to the Thumbnail Library

Hate searching through the list of thumbnail images to find the perfect one you uploaded for a piece of content? We heard you loud and clear! Now you can search for the image by the name of the thumbnail when you are configuring a piece of content. Simply click on the thumbnail image in the configuration screen and you will see the new search bar at the bottom. Start typing the name and the images will filter to help you find the one you are looking for.


You will notice there is no longer a link to our Ideas Portal in the authoring environment of PathFactory. This has been removed as we no longer use that portal to collect feedback and product suggestions from our customers. If you do have feedback or suggestions, we still love to hear from you! Please reach out to your CSM to provide feedback and they can manage the communication stream with our product team through Jira tickets and provide you updates based on your requests. We are trying our best to address as many requests as possible to ensure you get what you need, and hope you see the progress we have been making this year.

Campaign Tools

New Filters Added to Explore

We heard from our customers they would like to give their visitors more ways to filter through their content on Explore pages So this release we have added 4 new filters you can add to your Explore pages.

In addition to content type and topic, you can now add filters for funnel stage, business unit, persona and industry. Pick and choose the filters that will be the most relevant for your audience or add them all, the choice is yours!



Share Event/Session URL with Email Merge Token Now Available

We know the importance of getting folks into your events. Now you can share emails more easily. Quickly copy the share URL of an event or session with the proper tracking appended to the link in VEX. There is now a share URL icon beside the event or session links to allow you to easily choose the query string you would like to append to the end of the URL and copy the full link (the same functionality that exists for content tracks).

Simply select your event or session, navigate to the link and select the share link icon beside the link. A modal window which pops up will open to allow you to choose the query string configuration you have set in Organizational Settings and copy the full link with the query string intact. This will ensure that the proper tracking is set on the link and ensure visitors are known in PathFactory when sent this link through an email communication.

NOTE: if you are driving people to register through the VEX experience, you don’t want to use the tracking link in that case as the form won’t show for people who we already know. In that case, use the standard event link to ensure the form appears allowing them to register.

Share URLs:


Query String Chooser:


PathFactory for Sales

New Date Range Buttons Added to Dashboard

We have added new date range buttons to the PathFactory for Sales Dashboard so you can search visitor engagement over a longer period of time. Simply click on the buttons to filter the dates to the past 6 months or 1 year of engagement.


Search Assets in the Content Activation by the Internal Name

You can now search assets in the content activation tab by the internal configuration name of that content to make it easier to find. This is especially useful if you use an internal naming convention, simply type in the naming convention value that applies to the content you are looking for and the assets will be highlighted for your sales team to share with their prospects.


We have added an additional option for the Pardot sharing link in PathFactory for sales to ensure all versions of Pardot filed mergers are accounted for in the identification process. When sharing a link through the content activation tab, you now have two options for Pardot field merges. The Pardot option uses the following merge token: {{Recipient.Email}} whereas the Pardot (old token) uses %%email%%. Ensure that whichever version of Pardot you are using, the correct merge token is being used by your sales team.


We know you are busy finishing out 2020 as strongly as possible. We hope this release addresses some of your requests, or you have found new features that you never thought of.

Updated on April 13, 2023

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