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2020 Release Notes: Release J

We are proud to announce that Release 2020 J is now live! In this release we have updated the look and feel of some of our analytics dashboards and they now surface new information. We’ve introduced a 6sense integration that will provide value for mutual 6sense/PathFactory customers that will allow you to incorporate 6sense segments into PathFactory, and we’ve made significant updates to our VEX (Virtual Event Experience) module.

Platform Updates

Overview Report Updates

We have updated the look and feel of the overview report in Path Analytics and we have matched many of the features of other reports, ensuring a consistent user experience. You’ll get all the same great information the overview report previously had and can now filter by date ranges and can download, send, or schedule an email with the report which means you can share the good news with other colleagues and interested parties. Click Path Analytics in the top navigation and select Overview to check it out.

Date Webhook Field

We have created an additional field in all three of our webhooks to accommodate the date field format in HubSpot to make it easier for our HubSpot customers to ingest the PathFactory data they need. You can now add Event Date as a field in your webhook configuration, sending over the date of the webhook event took place in the following format: yyyy-mm-dd.


Access Protection = Track Protection

We recently launched a new feature we called track protection just a few short weeks ago and we have changed the name! This feature allows you to restrict access to Content Tracks, Explore Pages, and Virtual Events based on email domain and/or email address. We understand the importance of protecting your content and realized that, by extension, the feature was applicable to other modules than just Content Tracks within PathFactory. Access Protection is the same feature as Track Protection but is renamed to represent the way it can be used not just in Content Tracks but also Explore Pages and Virtual Events. The image below also reflects of our new navigation under the COG (announced in our last release).


Space Separator Added to Access Protection

We know adding one domain or email address at a time within Access Protection is a bit RIDICULOUS! We get that your time is valuable, so, adding domains and email addresses to your access protection lists just got even easier, and less time consuming. All you need between your domains or email addresses is a space when adding values to the authorization lists in the configuration menu.


Campaign Tools

6sense Segments Integration

We know that many PathFactory customers are using 6sense for ABM purposes. As you may recall, PathFactory has invested in incorporating 6sense firmographic data within our platform to provide anonymous-to-account identification capabilities (with one of the best match rates of IP to company name) and deeper insights to understand your ICP’s content engagement.

Being a mutual customer of both PathFactory and 6sense gets even better with this release. You can now bring your 6sense segment groups built within the 6sense platform into PathFactory and use them to segment your traffic and route to specific PathFactory experiences. WOW! Mind blowing experiences are just ahead.

Simply build the segments in 6sense you would like to serve personalized content experiences to. The segments will be surfaced in PathFactory under the cog menu in Segments. Within segments, when configuring the rules for a segment choose 6sense Segment as your rule and choose the group(s) you would like to serve up content to. Next, build your routing system to determine which segments should see which content track. Finally, place your smart link behind any CTA on any channel and let the machine do the rest of the work for you. We want identifying segments and routing them to the right content journey to be as simple as possible by creating segments just ONCE in 6sense and then inheriting them into PathFactory.

For more information on how to use Segments and Routes, visit our Knowledge Base.


Virtual Event Experience (VEX)

VEX Analytics

You now have your event and session analytics at your fingertips. Dive deep into the engagement across your event and specific sessions to understand how your attendees are engaging with your content across sessions. To access these new reports navigate to your event, and select the analytics tab. There you will find a drop down menu for event and session overview reports. Keep in mind that there is still a 30 minute delay from an attendee closing their browser or going inactive until the the analytics are updated in the dashboards.


There are more great analytics coming to give you more detail into attendees and a roll up of events over time. Watch this space for more updates.

Event BlackList

Worried about someone not following your code of conduct in your virtual event? You now have the ability to blacklist any individual causing trouble or disrupting your event This feature will expel them out of the event and not let them back in. In the authoring environment for the event, you will find a new tab called Event Blacklist. There you will find a simple button to add an email address. After adding an email address, simply click Remove and they will be ejected from the event.


Supplemental Content & Chat Spacing

Supplemental Content

We have updated the spacing for the supplemental content and chat widgets to ensure that both get the real estate they deserve. If you add a lot of supplemental content to the session, you will see the height of the supplemental content box is now confined and there is a scroll bar to see all of the content and still leave enough space for the chat widget.


Chat Spacing

If there is no supplemental content added to a session, the chat widget will now expand to be the full height of the space to the right of the video content.


Announcement in Chat

Moderators can now make official announcements through our chat widget to easily let the group know of important communique or bulletin. For example, it could be used to let people know the session has ended for the day and will be picked back up tomorrow morning.

Simply open the moderator view button, click on ℹ️ in the top right corner of the chat. This will open a pane on the right side, if you click edit you can add in an announcement. Simply type your message and save. The announcement will show at the top of your screen to show you it saved. For people who are in the session at that time, the page would need to be reloaded for them to see the announcement. If it’s urgent, it’s a good idea to also add the announcement message as a message in the chat for all active participants. Anyone new who enters that session will see the announcement until it’s removed.

To remove the announcement, simply follow all the same steps but instead of adding a message, delete your announcement and save.

Step 1: Click the i and then click to edit your announcement


Step 2: Add your announcement and save


Step 3: Your announcement will appear in the moderator view – you’ll know that it’s worked


Step 4: What your announcement will look like to your session attendees


Live Session End Time

There was feedback from our early VEX adopters that when the end time of the live event was reached, the session would abruptly end and kick people out of the session. This was particularly problematic when the session content was running past the end time. We have since changed the behavior of the session end time so it’s more like a guideline rather than ending the session.

The exception to this is when you have your session automatically change to on-demand (by selecting on-demand video for the live session), the end time is still very important. Once that end time is reached, the live session will end and will automatically switch to on-demand.

Worried that your session might run a few minutes over and it will automatically switch to on-demand? Add a buffer between your anticipated end time and the end time you set within PathFactory in case you run long (we recommend around 15 minutes extra).

Fallback link for WebEx and Zoom Meetings

We have added a link in the session as a fallback option for attendees who are experiencing issues with Zoom or WebEx. You will notice in a live session, we automatically added a line of text under the WebEx/ Zoom meeting that will pull in the meeting link. If your attendee is experiencing issues, they can click on that link and launch WebEx/Zoom outside VEX to still attend the session.


HTML VEX Descriptions

Easily update the format of your session description with the new WYSIWYG editor we have added. This way you can easily format descriptions exactly how you want and include sections for things like speaker bios, topics, or a session outline.


Added Classes to Containers in Landing Page Builder

In the landing page builder, we have added a class name to each block you create to easily be able to target that block with external code. This way you can insert code to style anything within the specific container.


Updated on April 13, 2023

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