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2020 Release Notes: Release F

Release 2020 F is now live! We’ve made improvements to the Mobile Experience, CTAs, the Content Library, Webhooks, Video, and more! We listened to you and implemented features and benefits you told us were important.

Improving the Mobile Experience

Previously when a Target or Recommend Content Track was visited on a mobile device, the bottom bar promoter that is always used on mobile expanded by default. We now minimize it by default, allowing mobile visitors to focus on your initial content asset within a Content Track, before they move on.

Allow CTA Buttons to Compose a New Email

We’ve now added support for composing a new email as a CTA destination. Within our CTA configuration, you’ll notice a new option for email as the CTA type and an email field where you can define an email address the message should be composed to. These CTAs can be used in Target or Recommend Content Tracks, and on Explore Pages.


Content Library Improvements

You will see a new column to the Content Library Table that shows which PathFactory user last updated a piece of content. This includes updating any aspect of the content asset (ie. Name, Thumbnail, Tags, Source URL, etc.). So now you will know who is the latest person amongst your users to update your content, in the library!


We’ve also added two new sets of default values per asset type. Within Content Tags, in the Content Types tab, there are two new columns, one for Engagement Weight and another for Engagement Threshold. You can use these to define defaults based on the Content Type selected at the time of an asset being added to the library. Of course, you can always override these default for each individual asset. We know it’s difficult to manually tag all of your content with an engagement score, so we believe setting a default score and engagement time based on an asset type will be helpful.


Enhanced Support for Brightcove and Wistia Videos

We know our customers have their choice of video partners. So, it’s now easier than ever to add and display videos hosted on Wistia and Brightcove. Simply grab your Wistia or Brightcove video URL and add it to your Content Library as a URL, just like you would any webpage, YouTube or Vimeo video. In the past some manual manipulation of the URL would be required, but we have eliminated the need for that.

Additionally, we now embed native Wistia and Brightcove video players rather than iframing them in. So now this means Wisita and Brightcove videos are automatically treated as Video assets, which means they will now display with video icons in a Target – Flow Content Track (previously they would be displayed with a web page icon). In the future this will enable us to use various parts of their API.


Localized Asset Types

We’ve added localized language support for asset types. This is important because the asset type is visible to end users in areas such as Explore Pages and in Recommend Content Tracks when the Topic Sidebar promoter is used. Within the Languages Configuration section we have added a new tab called “Content Types” where you can localize the name of each of your content types to various languages.


Hide the Next Promoter

When building a Target Content Track, the default promoter style is Flow which uses a left sidebar of content and a Next promoter in the bottom right corner. There are some scenarios where customers have expressed they’d like to use the left sidebar of a Target Flow style Content Track, but remove the Next promoter. We’ve added support to toggle the Next Promoter on and off as necessary in a Target Content Track when using the Flow Promoter, as shown below.


Add Multiple In Page Website Promoters

Previously within Website Promoters you could only have one In Page Promoter per URL pattern. We now allow multiple In Page Promoters per URL pattern. Simply set the new Add In Page slots value to something greater than 1 and you’ll see more configuration sections appear. This provides more flexibility in how In Page Website Promoters can be used across your website.


Webhook Enhancements

We’ve made three unique enhancements to webhooks:

  1. If multiple webhooks are queued to fire for a single contact we now buffer them with a short gap between each webhook being fired (approximately 1 minute). Previously, we would fire these webhooks immediately in sequence which was causing some challenges with some Marketing Automation Platforms. Namely some clients noticed that this was causing Marketo to create multiple duplicate person records in their environment. This delay should help eliminate that risk.
  2. In our previous release, we added toggles to suppress firing webhooks to excluded visitors. At that time we had “Fire for Excluded Visitors” toggled OFF by default, meaning that we were suppressing excluded visitors from being included in webhooks. Importantly, we are changing the toggle to ON by default for all customers, because many of our customers test with people who are often on exclusion lists. As a result, test people won’t be excluded from webhooks by default.
  3. We have brought over many of the fields that are available in our Session Closed Webhook to our Visitor Activity Webhook. This accommodates use cases where our data is being used by Marketing Automation Platforms that lack the ability to filter and process field values upon a webhook submission (namely Act-on). The fields now available in the Visitor Activity Webhook include:
    • Session Start Time
    • Session Start Time (UTC)
    • Session End Time
    • Session End Time (UTC)
    • Session Engagement Score
    • Session Engagement Time
    • Session Total Views
    • Session Assets Viewed
    • Session Likes
    • Session Shares
    • Session Captures
    • Session Last Viewed Content Title
    • Session Last Viewed Content Source URL
    • Session Content Journey
    • Session Content Count – Time Thresholds Met
    • Session Content List – Time Thresholds Met
    • Session Content External ID List – Time Thresholds Met
    • Session Topics List – Time Thresholds Met
    • Session Content Types List – Time Thresholds Met
    • Session Funnel Stages List – Time Thresholds Met
    • Session Business Units List – Time Thresholds Met

More Easily See Long Content Track Names

Some of our clients use long names for Content Tracks, often denoting multiple variations of similar Content Tracks with slight differences at the end of the name. When the names get too long it’s hard to see the full name. For example a long name that denotes a key difference at the end such as: “NA_2020_Product123-Prospect-campaign_EnglishUK” could be hard to differentiate from another language. To help make this easier for our customers we’re allowing the width of the Name column on the Target and Recommend Content Track table to go wider than before and you can now hover over the asset name and the complete name will be revealed.


Upcoming: Website Tools & Virtual Event Experience

Alongside all of these important incremental enhancements to our core product we’ve also been hard at work on our newest upcoming features:

Virtual Event Experience (VEX) is an extension of our existing capabilities to better accommodate live and on-demand event use cases that are so relevant to the world we live in today.

Website Tools is a new suite of capabilities to optimize the customer and buyer experience by recommending the most relevant content, on your website to each individual visitor and track their content journey outside of Content Tracks, on every page on your website.

Contact your Customer Success Manager today to learn more! We’re excited about these and can’t wait to share more.

Updated on April 14, 2023

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