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2020 Release Notes: Release E

Release 2020 E is now live! We’ve made enhancements to Webhooks, improved language support, and included various other improvements.

Webhook Enhancements

There’s a new toggle for all webhooks to control whether excluded visitors should be included when a webhook is fired. By default the toggle is set to off, which means the webhook will not fire for excluded visitors. This is a change in the default behavior of webhooks. Previously, excluded visitors were included in webhooks and were only excluded from PathFactory’s analytics. Here are the specifics, by Webhook:

For our Session Closed and Visitor Activity Webhooks, when the Fire For Excluded Visitors toggle is turned off we will exclude any visitors who have IP Address or Email Address exclusions set in organization settings.


For our Form Capture Webhook, when the Fire For Invalid Email Domains toggle is turned off we will exclude any forms fills where the email domain was invalid.


This is important to note when testing your webhooks. Many PathFactory customers have exclusions set-up to exclude their own staff (by IP address or email domain). Previously this only excluded them from PathFactory analytics, however now by default this also excludes them from webhooks, which could impact testing and auditing your Marketing Automation Platform integrations.

Improvements to Language Support

We’ve made improvements to language support within Explore Pages, Recommend Content Tracks, and Cookie Consent Messages.

Explore Pages now have a dedicated tab within Language Settings where you can set localized text for the Featured Label, Search Button Title, Search Input Field Placeholder, Filter By Content Type Title, and Filter By Topic Title.


We’ve expanded the available localized fields within Language Settings for Recommend Content Tracks to ensure better localization when using the Sidebar and Topic Sidebar promoters.

Recommend Sidebar now includes the Featured Label and Visited Label.


Topic Sidebar now includes fields to localize the See All Button Title, See Less Button Title, Singular Asset Title, and Plural Asset Title.


Next release we will be adding support to localize the asset tags that are visible to your end users.

Search for Content Tracks by Custom URL

We’re making it easier for you to find Content Tracks that use a custom URL in your PathFactory authoring environment. You’ve always been able to search for Content Tracks by typing in the Content Track ID (the six digit code that appears after x= in your typical Content Track URL). But if you use the custom URL option, the Content Track ID doesn’t appear in the Content Track’s URL. So now we’re allowing you to search by custom URL slug.


Tagging in Recommend Topic Sidebar

Previously, if you had an asset in a Recommend Content Track that used the Topic Sidebar promoter, and then added a new topic to your topic taxonomy, then tagged the asset to that new topic, that topic would be turned on for Topic Sidebar in the Recommend Track. We’ve changed this default behavior, so now when you add a new topic and tag an asset which is in a Recommend Track with a Topic Sidebar, by default the new topic is disabled. 

Upgrades to Password Policy

To ensure password security for customers not using SSO we’ve updated our policy to not allow users to make their password the same as their email address, and to not allow a new password to be the same as any of their past five passwords.

Updated on April 14, 2023

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