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2020 Release Notes: Release C

Release 2020 C is now live! We’re excited to announce an easier way for you to log in, improvements to the mobile experience for website promoters, and more customization options in Explore, just to name a few!

Login from pathfactory.com

Having to login from a unique URL can be difficult if you don’t have it bookmarked, and that’s unwanted friction right from the get go! That’s why you can now you can login right from our homepage. Simply go to pathfactory.com, click the login button on the top right corner of the page, enter your subdomain, type in your credentials (or use SSO) and ta-daaa you’re in!


Additional Improvements

You can now use a Content Track header without a title

Previously, if you turned on the header in a Content Track or Explore Page but left the title blank it would default to “Recommended Content.” We now allow users to remove the title by leaving the header title blank. This leaves only the logo in the header.
This configuration is done on the Languages page, under the Header tab.


Improvements to mobile experiences

We have made some minor styles and usability changes to how Website Promoters render on mobile devices. This includes:

  • Improvements on how visitors can scroll through content items in Website Promoters

  • When the mobile promoter is expanded, we have added a mask to the webpage so that it highlights the page better

SEO Improvements have been made to give you more options when selecting Search Engine Directives

We’ve added new options to the Search Engine Directive settings, giving users the flexibility to dictate how they wish for search engines to index each of their Content Tracks and Explore Pages. On each individual Content Track and Explore Page users can now choose from the following Search Engine Directives:

  • Canonical URL of Track

    • For content tracks that are set to “Custom URL: None”, the canonical tag URL will be the content track URL without any query strings except the x=.

    • For content tracks with a custom URL, the canonical tag URL will be the content track URL without any query strings.

  • Canonical URL of Explore

    • You can now select Canonical URL as a Search Engine Directive which will reference the URL of the Explore page without any query strings.


Additional Product Notices

LinkedIn Sharing Links: Due to recent changes that LinkedIn has made with their API, when a visitor clicks on the LinkedIn Sharing button in a Content Track, the Summary (Message) will no longer be populated with the Social Sharing Message in the Links & Sharing Configuration in PathFactory.

6sense Integration: We’re targeting the April 2020 D Release to cutover all PathFactory customers (excluding those using the Demandbase integration) from our existing default account identification provider to 6sense, for account identification at no additional charge. After the April 2020 D release, all account identification of anonymous visitors and PathFactory’s Segments and Routes will use 6sense as the default provider, unless you’ve configured our Demandbase integration. Historical reporting data will not be impacted by this change. Customers using Demandbase as their account identification provider will not be impacted by this transition. If you had previously configured a Segment in PathFactory and wish to use it, you’ll be required to rebuild it after this cutover is complete.

Updated on June 28, 2022

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