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2020 Release Notes: Maintenance Release K

We are excited to tell you about some improvements and new features available for VEX in this release, which is now live. You can now export your chat logs from sessions, manage and sort your sessions as lists and clone your events, sessions and landing pages. See the notes below for more details.

Platform Updates

Update to Eloqua Tracking Due to Recent Chrome Updates

Based on a recent update to Chrome 85 we have implemented a change to our tracking to ensure the full url of the asset that is being viewed by a visitor is sent back to Eloqua through the Eloqua tracking script.


Exporting Chat Logs

You can now easily export your chat logs for each session you run where chat has been enabled. Simply navigate to your completed session and select the chat tab. You will see a button in the top right corner called ‘Export Chat Logs’. When clicked, you will get a notification that the chat log has been sent to your email.

In your inbox, you will find an email from support@pathfactory.com that contains a csv file. After downloading it, you will see all the chat activity from that session with the following details: timestamp of conversation, name, email address, the message and if there was a reply directly to the individual from the moderator. If you don’t see this email in a reasonable amount of time, be sure to check your spam folder. Sometimes delays happen!


Session Management and Filtering Improvements

As customers run more and more events, we have noticed that the customers who had a lot of sessions in each event were having a hard time managing and finding their sessions. So we’ve implemented a change to help with that.

When navigating to your virtual event in VEX, you will notice there is now a dedicated tab for sessions. When you click this tab, you will see your sessions listed out in a table view with options to search, filter and sort by the different columns. Specifically you can:

  • Search the name of the session
  • Filter by the type of session: on demand or live
  • Filter by the visibility: public or private
  • Sort by the start date or created date


Clone Events, Sessions and Landing Pages

To make it easier for our customers to duplicate events, sessions and landing pages, we have added the functionality to clone.

Cloning an Event
If you would like to clone an event, you can easily do so when you are configuring a new event. Select the Add Virtual Event button in the top right corner and select the event you would like to clone from. You will then be able to configure which parts of the event you would like to clone:

  • Event setup
  • Sessions
  • Session groups
  • Appearance settings
  • Landing pages
  • Navigation  


Cloning a Session
Easily clone a session within an event by selecting the session tab, clicking the ‘add session’ button and selecting the session from the drop down menu that you would like to clone.


Cloning Landing Page
You can either clone a landing page by clicking the Add Page button in the landing page tab and selecting the landing page you would like to clone from the dropdown menu, or by selecting the Clone button on the landing page line.


As always, we are excited to share how we are making improvements to our products based on the feedback from you, our customers! Please continue to share your great ideas with your CSM so we can continue to innovate with your ideas in mind.

Updated on April 13, 2023

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