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What is the difference between an Admin and an Author?


The two user types within the PathFactory platform are Administrators and Authors. Admins are able to access advanced settings by going to the Organization Settings page.

This article explains the different capabilities of these two user types, and shows you how Admins can make changes in Organization Settings.

Want a video walkthrough of your Organization Settings? Check out this video from our Instructional Designer and Trainer, Lauren!


Organization Settings menu item
Organization Settings menu item

If you are an administrator on your organization’s account, you can access the admin settings by selecting Organization Settings.

As an administrator, you are able to:

  • Add new users and manage existing users
  1. Select User Management.
    User Management menu item

  2. Click on a user to open to user configuration window.
    imageConfiguration window

    Here you can:

    • change the associated email address, username, name, and password.
    • send a Change Password Email to a user
    • deactivate users (there is no way to delete users, but deactivating a user allows you to prevent that user from signing in)
    • make a user an admin
    • unlock a user (if a user fails to enter their password correctly 10 times within a 1-hour period, their account will be temporarily locked)
  • Update your Marketing Automation Platform account credentials
    The name of the MAP tab will depend on which MAP you use.
    imageMAP example
  • Connect PathFactory to your Google Analytics
    imageGoogle Analytics Tracking ID field
  • Require user passwords to expire
    imagePassword Expiration checkbox
  • Change your password
    imageChange Password menu item
  • Exclude visitors from your PathFactory analytics
    imageAnalytics tab
  • Generate API keys
    Note: API Configurations are only available to those who have purchased the PathFactory API add-on. Contact your CSM, or click here for more information on API keys.
  • Turn off Estimated Cost
    Note: Users will still be able to add estimated cost to content assets; turning off estimated cost only prevents the cost from showing in the Content Library Summary.

    imageOrganization Settings menu

  • Set “No-Index” as the default for newly created Content Tracks
    Note: Setting your Content Tracks to “No-Index” means that they won’t be discoverable or indexed by search engines. Selecting this option will not retroactively apply the no-index state to your existing Content Tracks. If you set No-Index as your default, you will still be able to change this at an individual track level.

    imageSettings menu

  • Create and edit content tags
    Authors can also access the content tag configuration page, but it will be in view-only mode, so they do not have the option to create new tags or edit existing ones. Authors are able to apply existing tags to content assets.
  • Build and edit Content Tracks


As an author, you are able to:

  • Change your password
    imageChange Password menu item
  • Build, edit, and publish Content Tracks
  • Apply existing tags to content assets
    Note: Authors can access the content tag configuration page to view all existing tags, but it will be in view-only mode and they will not have the option to create new tags or edit existing ones.
Updated on April 13, 2023

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