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What happened to the Asset Type tag?

In Sprint 30 we implemented a change from “Asset Type” to “Content Type” tags.

How does this affect you?

  • Any Asset Type tags you had previously created have been automatically created as Content Type tags

  • Content assets which previously had Asset Type tags have been automatically tagged with the new equivalent Content Type tag

    • If you had more than one Asset Type tag on a content asset, only the first Asset Type tag will be applied to the content asset

What is the difference between Asset Type and Content Type?

  • Content assets could be tagged with multiple Asset Types, but can only have one Content Type

  • Content Type tags have Funnel Stage and Estimated Cost associated with them; adding a Content Type tag to a content asset will also automatically apply the set funnel stage and estimated cost

What Funnel Stage and Estimated Cost will my old “Asset Type” tags have?

When your existing Asset Type tags are created as Content Type tags, they have default settings applied to them:

  • Funnel Stage default: Middle of Funnel

  • Estimated Cost default: $5000

You can change these configurations on the Content Tag Configuration page.

What if my content assets were tagged with Asset Type tags AND Funnel Stage tags?

Your content assets will still have the funnel stage tags you had previously applied.

Updated on May 26, 2022

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