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Video Tutorials For Getting Started With PathFactory Templated Experiences

The series of video recordings below walk you through how to use PathFactory’s Templated Experiences to create Landing Pages for your visitors. 

Each video is about 4-5 minutes long and can be played at different speeds. We hope you find these helpful in getting you up and running quickly with Templated Experiences.


Learn how to create your first Theme, adjust Theme Settings, and create your first Landing Page Template by watching this video tutorial.

Landing Page Template Sections

This set of videos shows how to create different sections in the Landing Page template.

Building a Templated Experience Based on a Theme

This set of videos walks you through creating the Templated Experience based on the Theme you have made. 

Publishing a Landing Page and Introduction to Liquid

Learn how to publish your PathFactory Templated Experiences Landing Page and get introduced to the dynamic capabilities of Liquid templating. This video tutorial covers the essential steps to make your content live and explores the power of Liquid for personalized experiences.

Example of a Liquid-level Change in Themes

Explore the impact of Liquid-level changes in PathFactory Themes through a step-by-step video guide. Understand how to use Liquid to make dynamic Theme adjustments for your Templated Experiences.

Example of a CSS Change in Themes

Enhance your design skills with this video tutorial on making CSS changes in PathFactory Themes. Discover how to refine the visual elements of your Templated Experiences through practical examples of modifying Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) that create visually appealing Landing Pages.

Updated on December 8, 2023

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