Use the image library

The image library offers a centralized place to add, manage, and delete images within PathFactory.

If you’d like to bulk upload images you’ll use to customize and brand your PathFactory experiences, doing so through the image library is a great option. There is currently no limit on the number of images you can have within the image library.

Access the image library

Navigate to gear Gear > Image Library.

Image Library menu item

Upload images

You can bulk upload images directly into the image library.

  1. In the top right, select + Add Images.
  2. Select the type of image you’re uploading. Ensure your images meet the recommended minimum dimensions. Images that are smaller than the recommended minimum dimensions may appear stretched within the platform.

    Add Image popup menu
  3. Complete the image upload by either dragging the files onto the upload box, or selecting the upload box and using the file explorer.

Sort, filter, and search images

When you have a lot of images uploaded, you have a couple options to see and manage them.

Image management options

Select Added By to filter the images by the user who uploaded them.

Select Sort and either Name or Date Added to sort all images.

Select Search and enter your desired search term.

Manage individual images

When you select an individual image, a sidebar opens on the right. From the sidebar you can manage the image in a couple ways.

First, you can enter alt text. Alt text entered here will show up whenever the platform uses this image, which is great for accessibility.

Second, you can delete an image. Select the image. At the bottom of the sidebar, select the trash icon. On the confirmation dialog, select Delete Image from Image Library.

Delete an image
Updated on April 3, 2023

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