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Understanding Visitor Activities

PathFactory’s Visitor Activities feature allows you to go beyond the click and define what visitor engagement is meaningful to you.
PathFactory tracks how long visitors spend on individual assets, but you can make this data even more actionable by creating visitor activities which define specific actions that you want to record.

What are Visitor Activities?

A Visitor Activity is a defined activity that has a configured engagement threshold to be met in a session. Whenever a visitor meets that threshold, activity data is created and associated to them. Each activity is given its own name so they can be identified in analytics.

You’ve noticed that most prospects who view your spec sheet end up buying.
Use a Visitor Activity to track every time a visitor views that content asset.

Where can I find this data?

Visitor Activities are tracked in your PathFactory Analytics, and can be found on the analytics pages for individual content tracks. Simply click on the Events tab and select Visitor Activities. Click for more information on navigating to and understanding Target and Recommend Analytics.

You can also have your Visitor Activity data points automatically sent to your MAP if you have set up a Visitor Activity Webhook.
All three types of Visitor Activities will be sent by the single Visitor Activity Webhook.

Why should I use Visitor Activities?

Visitor Activities are what help you go beyond the click. Click-through rates (CTR) only let you know that visitors click a button or link, but they don’t tell you anything about how visitors are actually interacting with your content.
PathFactory records how long visitors spend on each content piece and can also track their path through content tracks. This can then be used to indicate whether visitors are actually spending time with your content or simply passing through.
The various types of visitor activities help to further organize this information for you. A visitor’s session may be significant for different reasons, and having more detailed information about their behavior helps create more robust prospect profiles.

If you don’t set up Visitor Activities, PathFactory will still be tracking this information, but taking the time to define what are significant content interactions will help you sort through the data to find what is truly meaningful engagement.

There are three types of Visitor Activities:

Engagement Score Visitor Activity

Created for a visitor when a session is closed for that visitor that has an engagement score that is greater than or equal to the defined number threshold.

  • A session’s engagement score is calculated by summing the engagement scores of each content asset viewed in that session.

  • A content asset’s engagement score in a session is a value configured in the content library that is applied when their configured viewing threshold has been met.

What does this mean?

  • Define how long a visitor has to view a content asset before that activity is given a score

  • Define what score will be given to that activity

Multiple Asset Engagement Visitor Activity

Created for a visitor when a session is closed for that visitor, if they viewed a specified amount of unique assets for a specified amount of time.

What does this mean?

  • Define how many assets a visitor has to view in a track

  • Define the total amount of time that must be spent viewing the assets

Specific Content Engagement Visitor Activity

Created for a visitor when a session is closed for that visitor that has viewed a specified asset for a specified amount of time.

What does this mean?

  • Visitor activity created when a visitor has viewed a specific content asset for a specified amount of time

Updated on May 26, 2022

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