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Migrating from Uberflip to PathFactory

This article is designed to help you work through the preparation steps you should take and the considerations you should make before migrating from Uberflip to PathFactory. Our team is here to help, and is experienced at making migrations from Uberflip to PathFactory as painless and seamlessly as possible. If you need any further assistance reach out to your PathFactory Implementation Specialist, CSM or Solutions Architect.

Moving away from Uberflip

We recommend you have ideally an overlap between your Uberflip contract end date and PathFactory contract start date to ensure continuity and avoid any disruptions to your marketing.

Before giving notice of your intention to discontinue service with UberFlip, you can start with the following tasks, which may require Uberflip Support:

  • Create an inventory of the assets and Streams you want to move over to PathFactory.
    • Request a list of Streams and a spreadsheet export of the Uberflip assets you wish to migrate. If Uberflip cannot provide the list to you, PathFactory can work with you to obtain the list using Uberflip’s APIs.
    • Download any pdfs and thumbnail images used in your Uberflip streams
    • Create a list of the Uberflip Stream URLs which you wish to turn into Content Tracks in PathFactory. This will become the outline for your migration plan

Considerations when migrating

How is your Uberflip Hub currently structured?

  • How many Hubs and Streams are you running? How are they divided up?
    • Eg: Do you have all your Uberflip assets in a Main Website Resource Center? If so, you’ll need to create one resource center within your Website CMS and you can layer in PathFactory Content Tracks, or you can build a resource center entirely in PathFactory’s Explore/Microsite Builder.
    • Are you attempting to replicate your Existing Uberflip structure in PathFactory, or are you taking this opportunity to update your content organization?
    • It is important to note that PathFactory supports both custom subdomains and reverse-proxies. You were likely using one of these in your Uberflip implementation, so you can consider whether you’d like to do the same with PathFactory or make a change.

Consider updating these links across your website or how you can replicate these URLs using PathFactory and your Website CMS.

Where will your content live?

  • Blogs – Your blog posts may have been hosted by Uberflip. If so they’ll need to be migrated to your Website CMS or blogging platform. When considering where to migrate this functionality consider how to make it easy for a content creator to create and edit posts.
  • PDFs – can be hosted by PathFactory or your own digital asset management tool (if the latter you can simply add the URLs to PathFactory).
  • Videos/External Assets – These were likely hosted externally while using Uberflip (eg. by YouTube, Vimeo, Vidyard, by a digital publisher, by an analyst firm, by G2/TrustRadius), and can remain the same in PathFactory.


Unlike Uberflip, PathFactory mints an entirely new class of first party engagement data, focused on the true consumption of content (in minutes and seconds) and content metadata.

Via our wide variety of integrations, PathFactory allows you to pass this data to the places you need it. In particular the vast majority of PathFactory clients pass this data to their Marketing Automation Platform (MAP), where it can be easily be actioned upon (eg. Lead Scoring, Alert Emails, Segmentation).

What this means for you is your MAP will get a new PathFactory dataset (much richer, easier self-serve config, flexible). You may want to consider how you plan to archive any engagement data from Uberflip, if you have any.

PathFactory can help

While a migration to PathFactory may seem scary, know that we are by your side all the way. We will help you, take on additional functions as mutually agreed and lean in to ensure your success. We like to take a “crawl, walk, run” approach and tailor the pace and activity to your needs. The lists above are not completely exhaustive, but serve as a guide to getting going. Allow us to give you and your team a better understanding of your content and the engagement of your prospects and customers along their journeys. We look forward to having you onboard.

Updated on April 4, 2023

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