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How does the rebrand from LookBookHQ to PathFactory affect my content tracks?


In May 2018 we rebranded, changing our name from LookBookHQ to PathFactory. Some of you might be wondering what this change means for your Content Track URLs, so we’ve compiled some frequently asked questions around this topic!

My current content tracks contain a “mycompany.lookbookhq.com” URL. What will happen to it now that you have rebranded to PathFactory? Do you plan to update the URL to reflect your new brand?

Yes, we do plan to make that change eventually, however even after the change both domains (LookBookHQ.com and PathFactory.com) will still be active for a considerable amount of time. All domains tied to lookbookhq.com will continue to work for at least one year (summer 2019).

My company currently has a custom subdomain set up. Will the change to PathFactory.com affect me?

Not at all. Everything will be taken care of by our Engineering team.

I don’t yet have a custom subdomain (such as resources.companyname.com). Should I consider setting one up?

We encourage our customers to use a custom subdomain because of the seamless branding to your audience. It’s quite simple to do, just follow these instructions. When you do set one up, your previous URLs still continue to work as well. Now is perfect time to create a subdomain! Please contact Support (support@pathfactory.com) or talk to your Client Success Manager (CSM) for further information.

Updated on April 13, 2023

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