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How do I rebuild a T1 Track in T2?

If you want to rebuild existing content experiences that you made using Target v.1 in the new Target v.2 simply follow these steps:

  1. Upload the content assets from the old experience into your new Content Library.
    NOTE: For help uploading content assets into your Content Library, read this tutorial.
    imageAdd Content button
  2. In the Content Library, set the custom URLs of the content assets to match the custom URLs set for the content assets in Target v.1.

    Target v.1

    imageSettings tab

    Target v.2

    imageCustom URL Slug field

  3. Copy the custom URL for the old content experience. After copying, type an X at the end of the URL. This “breaks” the link; this is necessary because you cannot have two destinations for the URL.

    Target v.1

    imageGrid tab

  4. Paste the Target v.1 custom URL as the Target v.2 custom URL.

    Target v.2

    imageCustom URL field

Updated on April 13, 2023

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