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With PathFactory for Sales, sales teams can now deliver content to prospects via sales engagement tools like SalesLoft, Outreach, and Eloqua, and track the generated engagement within SalesForce. The new Content Activation tab gives sales a read-only view into your PathFactory instance, allowing them to select content tracks to send to prospects.

The Content Activation tab is available everywhere you have PathFactory for Sales installed:

  • PathFactory Insights tab
  • Account pages
  • Opportunity pages
  • Contact pages

Using Content Activation

  1. Open PathFactory for Sales in your Salesforce instance, and select the Content Activation tab.
    PathFactory for Sales will be accessible everywhere you have installed it: PathFactory Insights tab, and Account, Opportunity, and Contact pages.


  2. Select a folder to see a list of its Content Tracks.

    The folder structure in the left panel is the same as in your PathFactory instance, with separate sections for your Target and Recommend Content Tracks and your Explore Pages. If you have multiple instances integrated with Salesforce, these will be reflected here.

    The tracks will be sorted by “Time Spent”, which is the total amount of time the Content Track has been viewed by visitors. You can change this to sort by Name.

    Having trouble finding a specific Content Track? You can filter by Content Track Labels or Content Asset Topics, or search for a content asset or content track name.

  3. Click View Content Assets next to any Content Track to see a list of its content assets.

    Target Track assets are sorted by their order within the track, and Recommend Track content assets are sorted by content asset name. You can change this to sort by time spent on each content asset.
  4. Select the Email Delivery Tool you’ll use to send your content with.
  5. Decide which content asset you’d like your prospect to start with, and click Copy Link beneath that asset.

    If you’re sending an Explore Page you have the option of sending prospects to the Explore landing page (copy the link in the Tracks panel) or directly to a specific content asset (copy the link in the Content Asset panel).
  6. Open the Email Delivery Tool you previously selected, and use the copied link in your email.
    The Tracking links will not work unless the email is sent from the tool you’ve selected.
Updated on July 7, 2022

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